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The stuff dreams are made of…

4 Apr

I’ve noticed that alot of people tend to brag that they dream in color. So what about those of us that dream in cupcakes? Or cheesecakes? I had a dream the other night that consisted of the usual: people I recognized and some I didn’t, scenery I’d visited before and places I could only draft up in my imagination, conversations, interactions, so on and so forth. But oddly enough, the only part of that dream that stuck out was a slice of cheesecake on a table in the foreground of one of that dreams’ scenes. When I woke up and found that cheesecake was no where to be found, I made it. Yup. That’s just what NelleBelle does.

…and yes, they’re on the menu 🙂 .

These are mini cheesecakes ( or mini cheese(cup)cakes as I like to call them) topped with glazed cherries and baked atop a graham cracker crust. Don’t like cherries? How about glazed strawberries? Or blueberries? Or peaches? Or apples? Don’t like graham cracker crust? How about an Oreo cookie bottom? NelleBelle’s Confections can do all that for you! Just trying to help your dreams come true, too 🙂

Until next time, have a delicious day!