Scrap the cup!

7 Jun

Cupcake Monday doesn’t HAVE to only feature cupcakes; it has a tendency to feature cookies, pies, brownies, pops, and lots of other things that come out of NelleBelle’s Confectionery. So this Cupcake Monday follows the same ideals: Scrap the cup, we’ve got cakes!

…and a few cupcakes were tossed in as well. Couldn’t help myself.

Celebrating a birthday is a big deal, but celebrating a 65th birthday is momentous. This particular client’s favorites were completely covered.

Favorite color: Purple (Check.)

Favorite cake: Chocolate with vanilla buttercreme frosting (Check.)

Favorite flower: Purple and yellow Pansies (Check and Check!)

Yes, this custom order came straight out of NelleBelle’s Kitchen. Yes, the flowers are completely edible. And yes, I’d be more than happy to build a personalized celebration cake for you, too.

And of course, those beloved cupcakes will always be available.

Until next time, have a delicious day!



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