Cookie Exchange!

13 Dec

Around the holidays, many groups of friends get together to carry on a long-time tradition known as the cookie exchange. What is a cookie exchange? It’s an awesome event where people gather, bake their favorite cookie, and share them with their participating friends and family. Not only do you get the joy of giving cookies, you have the immense pleasure of receiving cookies, too! Some traditions even include a chance to swap recipes! Sweet!

Oh, wait…what if you don’t like to bake? Or can’t think of a cookie to give? As it goes with all things surrounding the oven (except for electrical maintenance and such), I can help with that. How about giving these out to your chums?

Two almond-based shortbread cookies lovingly held together by raspberry preserves go on to create the great raspberry linzer cookies, a Christmas classic. A close kin to the epic thumbprint cookie, these little darlings seem to be the main attraction for any holiday dinner dessert table. Want proof? Order a box and watch how quickly they’ll disappear!

And just in case you’re wondering: no, it’s not cheating to order your portion of your local cookie exchange from a bakery. After all, the rules dictate that you bring your favorite cookie. And if you’re anything like me, chances are your favorite cookie comes from my over-active oven 🙂

In the end, I hope you all thoroughly enjoy your holidays, specifically the time spent with loved ones. Can’t quite get enough of that 🙂

Until next time, have a delicious day!



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