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Red hot love!

31 Jan

January is ending, which means February is beginning. And February means Valentine’s Day! *sigh* Can you smell it? Love is in the air!

*sniffs again* Oh wait, maybe that’s the cheesecake I smell…

Then again, it’s only cheesecake on top. Underneath that delicious layer of red swirled cheesecake is an even thicker layer of red velvet brownies. You read that right: Red velvet brownies topped with red swirled cheesecake.

They’re rich. They’re sweet. They’re bright. They’re heart-shaped. How fitting for the coming holiday. Even better, they’re the flavor of the  month! ( This is a first; a brownie made it to the highlight reel 🙂 Don’t worry. A cupcake is sure to follow.)

With that in mind, these little loves are packaged with love…and a special price: 5 for just $6! Email your orders to until feb. 13 to giv your sweetie some loniv’ from NelleBelle’s oven.

And hurry, the day is quickly approaching. These things may get all snatched away before you know it!

As always, Happy Cupcake Monday!

Until next time, have a delicious day!



Pure Craziness!

22 Jan

Chocolate cake? Oreo frosting? Yellow candles? Is it my birthday already?

Seriously? Sheesh, time flies! Just when I get out of the holiday order rush, this comes along…and creates a whole new rush! It’s the cake so nice, I made it twice!

…okay, maybe thrice?

…make that frice — is ‘frice’ even a word? Eh, I’d rather keep the rhyme theme going than to find out the real alternative to saying ‘4 times’.

All in all, the point is it’s been pure craziness around here all thanks to the Chocolate Cookies and Cream cake. I’ve made 4 in the past week with the orders racking up daily. Have you ordered yours yet?

Until next time, have a delicious day!