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A Black Tie Affair

29 Feb

Put on a suit. Better yet, wear a snazzy party dress. Okay, it’s cool; toss on some low-top Chuck Taylor’s (my personal shoe of choice). Though getting fancy for the occasion would be a nice touch but in the end it’s not necessary. This cake comes dressed to impressed.


The Tuxedo Cake – Three layers of chocolate cake meshed together with fresh strawberry filling, frosted with fluffy whipped cream icing and drenched in a soft milk chocolate ganache. But that’s not all: It’s trimmed with chocolate covered strawberries and topped with a bow.

Pretty darned classy right? This cake always makes a great conversation piece and never fails to draw attention. The ooohs and ahhhs are seemingly endless. No worries, I said seemingly. Once the cake is all divvied up (and trust me, it’ll go rather quickly), you’re lucky guests will soon stop talking…far too busy eating!

Thought maybe you’d care for a slice 🙂

Visit the menu tab, read some old posts, browse the gallery…do whatever to get your mind off of this awesome cake. Or just order the cake and keep your mind on this cake…and then this cake on your stomach 🙂

Until next time, have a delicious day!




The Choice is Yours

19 Feb

I’ve been an artist for longer than I’ve known what an artist was. I melted crayons as a toddler. I created chalk paintings in middle school. I danced as a teenager. College was a time of photography and tattoos. But after college, that’s when the magic really began: I baked.

From classic cakes…










to classy cakes…



From drop cookies…

…to custom cookies.


From pan brownies…

to stacked brownies…

…and all the things my mind crafts up in the meantime.

I love my job. It truly brings me joy to show you the wonder I can build, especially when the result is something you’ve always wanted.  My delicacies are an expression of art to me. And nothing makes me happier than to share my art with you. Enjoy! And keep those orders coming!


My apologies to any fellow english/writing minors/majors for all of the sentences starting with “and” throughout this post. I know better, trust me.


Until next time, have a delicious day!


Tick Tock!

13 Feb

The clock is ticking! Can you believe it? In one day, Valentine’s day will be here again. Red food coloring will go on sale, sprinkles will be available in an array of shapes and colors, chocolate is gonna be everywhere!  Oh, wait…isn’t that what the special day is for? Hmm, maybe not. But as a baker, that’s what I love about Valentine’s day.

All in all, today is a day for lovers. And, if you’re anything like me, you choose to show your lovin’ with a little something from the oven (I use that phrase way too much but it works!!). Lookie lookie!

The orders have been insane for these! Sugar cookies frosted in tinted royal icing in various expressions of love were delivered to doors all around the country (we’ve shipped them to NY and to LA. Can you say ‘global’?) And over the next day, there’ll be lots more where those came from.

Side note:

I don’t have a Valentine, or at least not a human one, though mine is somewhat of a living thing to me. My New Year’s Resolution was to treat my hair like the symbol of royalty that it is. So this year I vow my undying love to my ‘fro.

Love ya girl! (…and all of you, too 🙂 )

Until next time, have a delicious day!