Tick Tock!

13 Feb

The clock is ticking! Can you believe it? In one day, Valentine’s day will be here again. Red food coloring will go on sale, sprinkles will be available in an array of shapes and colors, chocolate is gonna be everywhere!  Oh, wait…isn’t that what the special day is for? Hmm, maybe not. But as a baker, that’s what I love about Valentine’s day.

All in all, today is a day for lovers. And, if you’re anything like me, you choose to show your lovin’ with a little something from the oven (I use that phrase way too much but it works!!). Lookie lookie!

The orders have been insane for these! Sugar cookies frosted in tinted royal icing in various expressions of love were delivered to doors all around the country (we’ve shipped them to NY and to LA. Can you say ‘global’?) And over the next day, there’ll be lots more where those came from.

Side note:

I don’t have a Valentine, or at least not a human one, though mine is somewhat of a living thing to me. My New Year’s Resolution was to treat my hair like the symbol of royalty that it is. So this year I vow my undying love to my ‘fro.

Love ya girl! (…and all of you, too 🙂 )

Until next time, have a delicious day!



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