The Choice is Yours

19 Feb

I’ve been an artist for longer than I’ve known what an artist was. I melted crayons as a toddler. I created chalk paintings in middle school. I danced as a teenager. College was a time of photography and tattoos. But after college, that’s when the magic really began: I baked.

From classic cakes…










to classy cakes…



From drop cookies…

…to custom cookies.


From pan brownies…

to stacked brownies…

…and all the things my mind crafts up in the meantime.

I love my job. It truly brings me joy to show you the wonder I can build, especially when the result is something you’ve always wanted.  My delicacies are an expression of art to me. And nothing makes me happier than to share my art with you. Enjoy! And keep those orders coming!


My apologies to any fellow english/writing minors/majors for all of the sentences starting with “and” throughout this post. I know better, trust me.


Until next time, have a delicious day!



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