A Black Tie Affair

29 Feb

Put on a suit. Better yet, wear a snazzy party dress. Okay, it’s cool; toss on some low-top Chuck Taylor’s (my personal shoe of choice). Though getting fancy for the occasion would be a nice touch but in the end it’s not necessary. This cake comes dressed to impressed.


The Tuxedo Cake – Three layers of chocolate cake meshed together with fresh strawberry filling, frosted with fluffy whipped cream icing and drenched in a soft milk chocolate ganache. But that’s not all: It’s trimmed with chocolate covered strawberries and topped with a bow.

Pretty darned classy right? This cake always makes a great conversation piece and never fails to draw attention. The ooohs and ahhhs are seemingly endless. No worries, I said seemingly. Once the cake is all divvied up (and trust me, it’ll go rather quickly), you’re lucky guests will soon stop talking…far too busy eating!

Thought maybe you’d care for a slice 🙂

Visit the menu tab, read some old posts, browse the gallery…do whatever to get your mind off of this awesome cake. Or just order the cake and keep your mind on this cake…and then this cake on your stomach 🙂

Until next time, have a delicious day!




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