The Good with the Bad…

17 Nov

Have you seen my blog lately? No, really, have you seen it? I’ve seen it and it makes me sad. Orders are growing like weeds, business is absolutely booming, ideas are practically pouring out of my ears, yet…I haven’t brought much of the finished products to those that really love it: you. I’ve apologized before and gave my word that I wouldn’t abandon my readers. Though, technically, I haven’t left you behind ( and, pinky swear, I never ever will) I have been lacking rather heavily. A post every month? Shame on me.

Well let me make it up to you. No, not a giveaway this time. Tis not quite the season for giving 🙂 But I will give you something I’ve never given you before, a gift that keeps on giving: a recipe.

My butter cake recipe, in fact. This simple beauty has been used as a sturdy base for piled high party cakes, a tasty bottom for decorative cupcakes, and a wondrous centerpiece for dozens of cake pops. And just so you know how special this gift is, I’ll give you one more interesting tidbit of info: it was my first successful recipe. Yup! Developed it all by myself and actually got good reviews on it, which is really saying something because my current board of taste-testers can be brutally honest 🙂

So hear it goes. This is the first recipe I’ve ever posted so bear with me. I hope you can understand my instructions. Remember, I developed it myself so even the recipe card it’s written on is a bit sketchy 🙂 . Enjoy!

NelleBelle’s Butter Cake


  • 2 Cups Granulated White Sugar
  • 2 Sticks Butter (room temperature)
  • 4 Large Eggs
  • 2 Tablespoons Butter Extract
  • 1 Cup Milk
  • 3 Cups All-Purpose Flour
  • 3 Teaspoons Baking Powder
Directions (for 2 dozen cupcakes):
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Line 2 12-cup cupcake pans with liners or grease with baking spray.
  3. Gather 2 bowls. In one bowl cream the butter and sugar together until fluffy and homogeneous. Beat in the eggs one at a time, then stir in the milk and vanilla extract.
  4. In the other bowl, whisk the flour and baking powder together. Sift this portion into the butter/sugar mixture until just combined.
  5. Transfer the batter evenly into each of the cupcake wells. About 1/4 cup works wonderfully. Bake for about 22 minutes. Let cool and top with your favorite frosting.
…and that’s all good folks! Hope it brings you as much joy and as many delicious treats as it’s brought me.
Until next time, have a delicious day!

Making Whoopie!

3 Oct

Okay, not really. Well, I am making whoopie but whoopie pies, not…oh, never mind.

Red velvet has long been a love of mine, so a more portable (and thereby, more accesible) way to enjoy it will always be a win in my book. Red velvet cake was hit by a stroke of genius when it became the red velvet cupcake. Then the red velvet cupcake evolved to the red velvet whoopie pie…I don’t even have to take the paper wrapping off! Score!

Whoopie pies, with their soft dense cake-cookie-ness, are the newest delicious addition to the NelleBelle’s Confections menu. But the red velvet version won’t stand alone in those pretty glass displays of mine. The evolution of red velvet lives on! Why, yes, your eyes are telling the truth – the whoopie pies in that photo are indeed blue and black. Red velvet…blue velvet…and black velvet! Still lovingly clung together with a rich cream cheese frosting, these hand-held sweet treats still bear the classic flavor their red ancestors started out with. Don’t believe me? Order a box and check them out for yourself. I’m sure you’ll see things my way.

Until next time, have a delicious day!


The Great HoudiNelleBelle!

11 Sep

Missing. Vanished. Disappeared. Faded Away. Out to Lunch. Gone bye-bye. Chucked up the deuces.

There’s lots of names for what it’s appeared I’ve done but, in reality, the only proper term is ‘swamped’. That’s what I’ve been. And where I’ve been is in the kitchen. The bakery has held me captive!

Okay, not really. I’ve been there by choice. After all, these cakes and such won’t bake themselves! I’m so grateful there are awesome people like you that want them. And you don’t just want them, you specifically want them from NelleBelle’s Confections. Despite my recent “busy-little-bee”-ness, I heart you guys. Seriously. Think about it: I wouldn’t be so busy if it weren’t for you 🙂

I’ve been busy making all types of things like this super cute Kitty cat birthday cake:

…and a birthday cake with a West Virginia Mountaineers-theme:

…even a camouflaged groom’s cake with hunting orange embellishments:

…even a cake to celebrate a young woman’s recent divorce:

…and occasionally, I’ve stopped to make classic staples like glazed pound cakes:

…and, yes, of course, I’ve managed to squeeze in a several orders for cupcakes:

With all this and more going on, I assure you that Cupcake Monday lives on. There are new flavors in the works and your ideas for new flavors always have been and always will be accepted! I just want to thank you for the support in the past, present, and future. I truly love what I do.

“Oh, this isn’t a hobby. Hobbies are supposed to pass the time, not fill it. This is a passion.”

Until next time, have a delicious day!


Gimme S’more!

9 Aug

…or is it “gimme s’mores”? I can never tell. I’ve never gone camping before (and never will, promise!) but I do agree with the statement, whichever of the two is more grammatically correct.

And why wouldn’t I give you more? After all that’s what I’m here for: To give life to all of the delicious things I have brewing in my head and presenting them to the masses. No harm in that, none indeed. And what’s my latest morsel of goodness? Why, s’mores of course!

Okay, s’mores in cupcake form. After all, this is Nelle Belle we’re talking about here.

A chocolate cupcake jam packed with honey graham cracker pieces and topped with a fluffy marshmallow frosting gives you all the makings of the popular fireside treat. Just imagine: You get all the fun and scrumptiousness-osity (patent pending on that word) of camping fireside within the comforts of your home.

Hmmm, seems apparently I can do more than bring edible goodies into tangible existence. I can make those tasty little monsters significantly improve people as a whole, too. (Even if only for a few bites in time 🙂 )

Until next time, have a delicious day!


Muffins are NOT ugly cupcakes!

25 Jul

NelleBelles Confections was started in the wonderful world of cupcakes. Since we’ve branched out to cakes, brownies, cookies and pops. But muffins? That’s a new one.

A very popular flavor is the chocolate chip muffin, a sweet and smooth breakfast treat. But according to popular belief, the addition of frosting could turn that chocolate chip muffin into a chocolate chip cupcake. Not so…don’t believe the hype! The batter consistency between the two is significantly different.

Okay, now I sound like a chemist. Bring back the baker we all know and love!

Long story short, instead of making them both to see the difference for yourself, just skip to the good part and get some chocolate chip cupcakes!

A vanilla based cupcake jam-packed with milk chocolate morsels seems to be as good as it gets. Oh, wait: Didn’t you say a cupcake is just a muffin with frosting? Well toss some frosting on that baby! In this case, it’s chocolate frosting. Or is it peanut butter frosting? From the looks of it, it’s both! Betcha your precious muffins can’t do that!

Sink your teeth into this chunk of fantastic-ness and I’m sure you’ll change your mind. Cupcakes are not only different from muffins, I declare they’re downright better! (Disclaimer: I say this as an all-around cupcake enthusiast. I don’t hate muffins; they help make breakfast awesome. I just love cupcakes exponentially more. As you were 😀 )

So to those who’ve asked on several occasions and all who assume and, thereby, don’t feel the need to: no, muffins are NOT ugly cupcakes. Cupcakes are a symbol of beauty all their own. That poignant buttercreme crown says it all.  *sigh* I must sound crazy…

Until next time, have a delicious day!


I scream…giveaway!

20 Jun

We all know the saying: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! But what’s the point in screaming for ice cream? Don’t get me wrong, I love ice cream. I have a very experienced ice cream maker to prove it. I may “ooh” and “ahh” for ice cream, but scream? I think not. Now put a brownie under that ice cream and we may be onto something. Especially if the brownies look like these…

I couldn’t bare to put ice cream on top of that. It’s already chock full of chocolate and more chocolate (and by more chocolate, I mean it’s got plain m&m’s baked into its core!). What more could you ask for? Maybe you could ask for a plate of your own!

…and this is where the giveaway comes in 🙂 Every good baker and bakery has to start somewhere and one of those places is right next to a trusty taste-tester. And who better to taste-test our products than you!

If you’d like to be our newest taste-tester just leave a comment on this post, write a sweet little something on our page ( or tweet your sweet nothings in our ears ( telling us that you want to be a taste-tester. It’s just that easy! You’ve got between Monday, June 20, 2011 and midnight on June 23, 2011 to enter this contest (Sorry! The contest has ended.) One winner will be chosen at random to receive a box of these brownie babies! Good luck!

…and we have a winner! Congratulations @RatedCee ! Thanks to all who participated:) Stay tuned; our next winner could be you!

Until next time, have a delicious day!


Scrap the cup!

7 Jun

Cupcake Monday doesn’t HAVE to only feature cupcakes; it has a tendency to feature cookies, pies, brownies, pops, and lots of other things that come out of NelleBelle’s Confectionery. So this Cupcake Monday follows the same ideals: Scrap the cup, we’ve got cakes!

…and a few cupcakes were tossed in as well. Couldn’t help myself.

Celebrating a birthday is a big deal, but celebrating a 65th birthday is momentous. This particular client’s favorites were completely covered.

Favorite color: Purple (Check.)

Favorite cake: Chocolate with vanilla buttercreme frosting (Check.)

Favorite flower: Purple and yellow Pansies (Check and Check!)

Yes, this custom order came straight out of NelleBelle’s Kitchen. Yes, the flowers are completely edible. And yes, I’d be more than happy to build a personalized celebration cake for you, too.

And of course, those beloved cupcakes will always be available.

Until next time, have a delicious day!


The Joys of Baking

23 May

There are several joys of being a baker. One is that no matter how bad you may think it turns out in the end, no one has to know about it. You can just eat the evidence. Another joy is the look on the recipients face, be it paying customer or just some lucky associate, when they see the handcrafted work they soon get to enjoy. A more immediate joy is the delicious smells that waft through your kitchen during and after a successful baking session. I’m sure you can imagine the joy these sweet dears brought a baker such as myself…

My kitchen and my soul are still filled with their enticing aroma! Chocolate and peanut butter cupcakes would light almost anyone’s face. And, of course, any baker would be honored to ‘destroy’ the evidence of one or two gone rogue. Although, fortunately for the inquiring public and my waistline, none of these managed to go awry during the baking or decorating process.

They do however have somewhat of a flaw in their design. I like to call it ‘guts’. That’s right, I said it: ‘guts’.

This soft, moist chocolate cupcake decorated with a gleaming crown of fluffy peanut butter frosting has something extra to give; The inside has peanut butter ‘guts’ that come oozing out when you sink your teeth into it’s cupcake-y skeleton!

I know, I know. You thought that a cupcake having guts was a bad thing. No! Guts, in this case, are awesome. All that chocolate pairs up with even more peanut butter. If only there were more places to hide the peanut butter. Hmmm…

Until next time, have a delicious day!


A Very Busy Bee!

16 May

Whew! It has been an incredibly busy time for NelleBelle’s Confections over the past few weeks. My deepest apologies for not posting sooner but, between the incoming orders and the new menu additions, it’s been a little hard to keep you wonderful folks up-to-date on the latest goings-on of the bakery. I’ll make it up to you, promise.

Parisian macarons…mmmmmm….so light, so tasty, so popular!

We’ve added chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla Parisian macarons.

…even colored ones. (The blue ones seen here are for a custom order.)

And speaking of custom orders, there’s been quite a few custom cakes coming from NelleBelle’s Oven. This is just one.

Even Peanut butter and jelly cupcakes have made their way onto the roster. I just love that the jelly is ‘sticking it’s tongue out’ at you . 🙂

And the PB & J’s weren’t alone in the inauguration process (yes, there was an actual induction ceremony held); These awesome Neapolitan cupcakes came along for the ride, too! They’re chocolate and vanilla marbled cupcakes with a decadent strawberry frosting…3 in 1!

See? The confections have been in heavy production! And, thanks to you, they have a chance of staying that way for years to come.

Until next time, have a delicious day!


The stuff dreams are made of…

4 Apr

I’ve noticed that alot of people tend to brag that they dream in color. So what about those of us that dream in cupcakes? Or cheesecakes? I had a dream the other night that consisted of the usual: people I recognized and some I didn’t, scenery I’d visited before and places I could only draft up in my imagination, conversations, interactions, so on and so forth. But oddly enough, the only part of that dream that stuck out was a slice of cheesecake on a table in the foreground of one of that dreams’ scenes. When I woke up and found that cheesecake was no where to be found, I made it. Yup. That’s just what NelleBelle does.

…and yes, they’re on the menu 🙂 .

These are mini cheesecakes ( or mini cheese(cup)cakes as I like to call them) topped with glazed cherries and baked atop a graham cracker crust. Don’t like cherries? How about glazed strawberries? Or blueberries? Or peaches? Or apples? Don’t like graham cracker crust? How about an Oreo cookie bottom? NelleBelle’s Confections can do all that for you! Just trying to help your dreams come true, too 🙂

Until next time, have a delicious day!