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Cake…to go!

12 Mar

Cupcakes usually (NelleBelle’s, always) come conveniently wrapped in a liner of some sort, adding to the appeal and making them truly a piece of cake meant just for you. Even better if they come packaged for delivery (again, NelleBelle’s, always). ¬†Just peel back the paper and sink your teeth into a bite of lovin’ from the oven. Gonna be hard to top that performance….or is it?

What if it came individually packaged on a stick? That same delicious treat, in a wide variety of available flavors, can be made even easier to hold and take with (and show off)! It’s portable, resealable, and (as usual with NelleBelle) completely delicious!

Cake balls have taken a turn for the fashionable life and become super accessorized. What a joy! A joy on a stick :). They each come protected in a clear, colorless treat bag and sealed with a kiss… well, actually its sealed with a ribbon but thats placed on with just as much love :).

With decorative choices from solid colors, two- toned, marbled and stripes, to swirls, dots and smiley faces, what could possibly make these rays of sunshine on a stick glow any brighter?

NelleBelle’s got it.

Now there is the choice between cake and brownies! Phew, even I have a hard time choosing between those two. Tough call! But I’m sure whatever decision you choose will be the right one. If not, just order more and try again! ( My apologies, tend to get a little excited over these cutie-patuties lol).

All in all, pops, be they of the cake or brownie variety, are a scrumptious and adventurous alternative to the classic beauty that is the cupcake. Though my heart will always be with that standard-sized cake in a cup, absence makes the heart grow fonder, correct?

Now if you’ll excuse me, NelleBelle feels the urge to “step out” with one of the adorable pops now actually… :). No worries, I’ll never forget my first love.

Until next time, have a delicious day!