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Summer breeze…

15 Feb

It’s unusually warm outside..like really unusually warm outside. The middle of February is upon us yet it feels more like the end of April. Waking up to 70 degree weather tends to play tricks on the mind. Tricks like, “Hey, I don’t have to wear a coat today!” Wrong. Those 70 degree mornings tend to lead to 50 degree nights so, yes, coats are necessary.

So what do you do when life (better yet, the weather) gives you lemons? No, ’round these parts we don’t make lemonade, not in my kitchen. We make cupcakes!

Oh, wait…life didn’t give me lemons. But the grocery store did give me limes and cherries. And I’m thinking up something a bit more refreshing than a tall drink of juice.

Cherry Limeade cupcake

Breathe it in…that crisp smell of limes and that sweet breeze of cherries. Almost feels like summer, despite the dying bits of snow most likely awaiting somewhere outside your home. It’s nostalgia and anticipation all in a hand-held cup of goodness. Though it’s rather warm out now, it won’t last long. That winter chill is sure to return soon enough.

Didn’t mean to burst your bubble, though. Still sad about the fleeting good weather outside? Just grab one of these babies. Pretty hard to be sad with a cupcake in your hand.

Lime juice and actual whole maraschino cherries adorn every bite of these spring-like delights. The cherry buttercreme frosting adds an extra bit of sweet to that sharp sting from the fresh limes. All it seems to be missing is a straw tilted to the side…

Until consistently warmer seasons come around, tidbits of what could be will have to tide us all over. I’m sure these treats are a worthy companion for nights like tonight, those spent reminiscing on more comfortable climates.

Until next time, have a delicious day!