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Cookies or Cupcakes? That is the question…

19 Dec

It’s bitter cold outside. I refuse to venture into the wilderness that is the 24 degree temperature awaiting me just outside my apartment door. I’ve decided to stay inside and start my Cupcake Monday adventures a little earlier than usual.

What’s Cupcake Monday? Well, let me catch you up to date. Seems the average person hates Monday. Hate is indeed a strong word yet, still, it wholeheartedly applies. Mondays just downright suck. You start from scratch after what should have been a fun-filled, restful weekend away from the office just to be thrust right back into work. So not fun. So I’ve decided to make Mondays a day of enjoyment. Better yet, Mondays are now a day of deliciousness 🙂 Every Sunday, NelleBelle is in the kitchen baking up scrumptious portions of lovin’ from the oven and serves them out for (drumroll, please) CUPCAKE MONDAY!!

Just imagine: You wake up Monday morning actually excited to come to work! Though, the pile of papers is still on your desk (my desk is actually a lab bench, and instead of papers it’s flooded with samples), your email is overflowing with weekend updates, and that light on your phone is taunting you with its incessant voicemails (sigh), knowing cupcakes await you is sure to put a smile on a your face.  Especially when said cupcakes are some of NelleBelle’s confections 🙂

Well, this morning I woke up wondering what to do: will I make Cookies, or will I make Cupcakes? It’s a tough question. As much as I love cupcakes, cookies are so very much in season. So which do I choose? I stared at my Kitchenaid mixer for a short while when suddenly it hit me: I’ll do both!

No, no, no. Not like that. Instead of making a tray of cookies and a separate batch of cupcakes, I made cookie-inspired cupcakes with cookie-dough insides. Mmmmmm, sweet….

Looks rather innocent, right? A dark brown sugar cupcake dazzled with honey and adorned with a rich buttercreme frosting sounds like a winner. Add a few chocolate chips and it’s almost chocolate chip cookie-like, right? Wrong. What would  truly make it a cupcake and a cookie would be to just go all out and put a cookie in it. Oh yeah, NelleBelle did it!

That’s chocolate chip cookie-dough! It was rather difficult to cut it open so you could see the magic waiting inside but you get the idea. How cool is that?

Just to be safe, I made a few variations of this cupcake. Calm down, they don’t ALL have a cookie dough center. I, personally, am terrified of eating raw cookie dough. I’m a scientist and, of all people, I should know that there’s not enough raw egg in the small amount of cookie-dough in each cupcake to actually hurt me but I still can’t bring myself to do it. I’m apparently a part of the .001% of the world that doesn’t eat raw cookie dough. Ah, well. In light of this, I made a dozen brown sugar cupcakes, a dozen brown sugar with chocolate chips, and a dozen with cookie-dough centers (6-brown sugar, 6-brown sugar w/ chocolate chips). Now I can rest easy and enjoy the remainder of this Sunday before Cupcake Monday steals it’s thunder.

Until next time, have a delicious day!

– NelleBelle