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The Joys of Baking

23 May

There are several joys of being a baker. One is that no matter how bad you may think it turns out in the end, no one has to know about it. You can just eat the evidence. Another joy is the look on the recipients face, be it paying customer or just some lucky associate, when they see the handcrafted work they soon get to enjoy. A more immediate joy is the delicious smells that waft through your kitchen during and after a successful baking session. I’m sure you can imagine the joy these sweet dears brought a baker such as myself…

My kitchen and my soul are still filled with their enticing aroma! Chocolate and peanut butter cupcakes would light almost anyone’s face. And, of course, any baker would be honored to ‘destroy’ the evidence of one or two gone rogue. Although, fortunately for the inquiring public and my waistline, none of these managed to go awry during the baking or decorating process.

They do however have somewhat of a flaw in their design. I like to call it ‘guts’. That’s right, I said it: ‘guts’.

This soft, moist chocolate cupcake decorated with a gleaming crown of fluffy peanut butter frosting has something extra to give; The inside has peanut butter ‘guts’ that come oozing out when you sink your teeth into it’s cupcake-y skeleton!

I know, I know. You thought that a cupcake having guts was a bad thing. No! Guts, in this case, are awesome. All that chocolate pairs up with even more peanut butter. If only there were more places to hide the peanut butter. Hmmm…

Until next time, have a delicious day!