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A rose for the lady?

9 Feb

Well, how about it? Valentine’s Day seems merely seconds away and most aren’t prepared. Not because they haven’t gathered their presents, but mostly because they feel they haven’t gathered enough. Valentine’s Day seems to be the most popular time of year to not just be in love, but to show it in as many ways as possible. So why not show it with flowers? So I’ll ask again, “A rose for the lady?”

Hmmm, maybe even a rose for the gentleman? (Men like roses , too — especially the edible kind)

Anyone can give roses for Valentine’s Day; It’s practically a standard at this point. But edible cupcake roses…now that would definitely stand out from the crowd of other in-office deliveries and front-door surprises. After all, this is the time to be special, right?

Then again, not everyone is into roses, or even flowers, for that matter. Though these pretty “plants” would make a rather fitting presentation, there are other options for the non-flower-lovers in your life…

If presentation is everything, imagine what a warm welcome these beauties would get!

Heart-shaped cake pops? Sure, what a great idea! Red Velvet cake grazed with a warm layer of cream cheese frosting and blanketed by a loving array of red, pink, and white confetti make these treats simply irresistible. Aren’t you falling in love just looking into their Valentine-inspired nonpareil eyes?  (it’s easy to be captivated by confections, particularly confections as cute as these 🙂 )

Like roses, they can still be held, devoured, and, most importantly, shown off to all who are willing to give them a look. And with such a pretty face, who wouldn’t want to look? My thoughts exactly.

Regardless of what you choose to give that special someone for Valentine’s Day, make sure it shows just how you feel in more than just material possessions… although material possessions, specifically those aforementioned, would be an excellent addition to the words and actions of the day. *hint hint*

Until next time, have a delicious day!