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Happy (mini) Cupcake (bites) Monday!

27 Feb

Cupcake Monday has long been a tradition here at NelleBelle’s Confections. Instead of awakening Monday morning to a sink full of dishes or a pile of work on my desk, I have the glorious pleasure of opening my eyes only to be greeted by a vast array of cupcakes…and occasionally other confections decide to join the party 🙂

The great Bakerella (if you don’t know her please go to Bakerella , she’s pure confectionary genius) in all of her glory helped me decide what new friend would join this monday’s round-up. I always have a tough decision as the week draws an end: what to bake up this weekend? Cake, cookies, brownies, or my beloved cupcakes? As I’ve done before, I gave combining more than one option a try.

…and in walks cupcake bites! They’re cake balls sweetly dipped and delightfully designed to look like little cupcakes. I think I can feel my heart melting just looking at these lovely little darlings. How adorable!

Yellow cake and vanilla frosting (a winning combination, might I add) cradled in milk chocolate and topped in white chocolate gets gently sprinkled in a dress (yes, they wear dresses, just like most pretty girls do 🙂 ) of rainbow nonpareils and graced by a chocolate candy presence. Sound delicious yet? That’s because it is!

At first glance, you see a mini cupcake: so cute, so sweet, so innocent and classically tempting. Next, grab and hold: “Hmmm, it’s a little heavier than usual…and no wrapper? Nice!” Just pop it in and enjoy! Over the lips and past the gums; look out belly, here it comes! Oh wait, could it be…the taste of chocolate, candy, and cake? It’s like all of my dreams wrapped in one! And yes, though some find it special to dream in color, I dream in candy…can’t help it.

Though, the first instinct may be to eat it all at once, I implore you to heed to its enchanting name: Cupcake Bites (emphasis on ‘bites’). Wouldn’t want you to miss the present inside because I’m certain you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Until next time, have a delicious day!