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Making Whoopie!

3 Oct

Okay, not really. Well, I am making whoopie but whoopie pies, not…oh, never mind.

Red velvet has long been a love of mine, so a more portable (and thereby, more accesible) way to enjoy it will always be a win in my book. Red velvet cake was hit by a stroke of genius when it became the red velvet cupcake. Then the red velvet cupcake evolved to the red velvet whoopie pie…I don’t even have to take the paper wrapping off! Score!

Whoopie pies, with their soft dense cake-cookie-ness, are the newest delicious addition to the NelleBelle’s Confections menu. But the red velvet version won’t stand alone in those pretty glass displays of mine. The evolution of red velvet lives on! Why, yes, your eyes are telling the truth – the whoopie pies in that photo are indeed blue and black. Red velvet…blue velvet…and black velvet! Still lovingly clung together with a rich cream cheese frosting, these hand-held sweet treats still bear the classic flavor their red ancestors started out with. Don’t believe me? Order a box and check them out for yourself. I’m sure you’ll see things my way.

Until next time, have a delicious day!